My first shipwreck... sort of

I've never seen a shipwreck in person. OK, well, this was more like a boat almost submerged in the water. But it was visually interesting, so it became the subject of my photographs this afternoon at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg. These aren't great shots from a technical standpoint, but the subject was so unusual that I couldn't resist capturing the scene and telling the story. (For the record, nobody was in danger while I was taking these pictures.) First, here's the boat, when I first saw it, sticking out of the water. I couldn't really believe what I was seeing.

I'm not sure how long it had been there like that. But as you can imagine, the boat drew a lot of attention from nearby gawkers.

With a weird scene comes weird behavior! I'm not sure what this woman, pictured below, was thinking after she swam to the boat and climbed up.

Even the U.S. Coast Guard came to check things out.

I found it odd that nobody seemed to be in a big hurry to get the boat out of the water.  The Coast Guard left quickly, then law enforcement showed up and left too.

Late in the day, the boat was still in the same position, waiting for a rescue.

So what caused it to sink?  Your guess is as good as mine!