Bald Eagle and Baby Eaglets nesting in tree

I had seen this Bald Eagle nest once before.  When I set out to take pictures of the mature Bald Eagles living there, I had no idea there were two baby Eaglets there too.  One of the adults had just returned from a fishing trip to feed the babies.  The little Eaglets acted as though they were so hungry and hadn't been fed for days!  But actually they had already been treated to breakfast -- two unlucky fish -- earlier that morning.  These Eaglets were difficult to photograph because they rarely raised their heads high enough out of the nest.  And their dark coloring contrasted against the bright sky, along with shadows from the tree, made getting the proper exposure tougher.  In the end, I was happy with this shot of this Bald Eagle family. Mature_Bald_Eagle_Nests_In_A_Tree_With_Two_Baby_Eaglets_Under_A_Sunny_Sky_In_Holiday_Florida_IMG_1524.jpg