White Tiger sleeps

A beautiful White Tiger sleeps!  I have been inspired after recently reading David duChemin's "Vision & Voice," which I highly recommend for anyone interested in photography.  The book has encouraged me to try different post processing techniques and to find my vision for the pictures I make.  I think I accomplished that well with this White Tiger picture! Beautiful_White_Tiger_Sleeps_IMG_1903.jpg



The camera loves me

OK, so what do you call the pose that models sometimes strike when they touch their faces with their fingers?  I'm not sure if that look is supposed to be thought provoking, or pensive, or maybe even seductive.  But I asked this orangutan to try that pose during our recent model shoot at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, and she pulled it off beautifully!  :)   In case you missed the other posts of this shoot with her, here they are: pouty lips and shy side. Orangutan_Poses_For_A_Model_Shoot_At_Lowry_Park_Zoo_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_2117.jpg

$5 day at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

I captured this Bald Eagle shot today at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, which had cut its admission price to $5, a discount it runs a few times a year.  I went once last year on a $5 day and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would take advantage again.  I am pretty happy with some of the photographs I made, despite the big crowds of people around me.  I will share my favorite shots in the coming days. To get this series started, here's a Bald Eagle coming right at me during the birds of prey show:


Bald Eagle lacks table manners!

This adult Bald Eagle returned to feed the family at its nest this morning in Holiday, FL.  The adult is taking a moment for himself to gulp down some fresh fish.  Pardon him chewing with his mouth beak open!  You can see how eager the juvenile Bald Eagle is to get more fish, even though he had already been served first! Bald_Eagle_Eats_Fresh_Fish_In_Its_Nest_As_Juvenile_Watches_In_Holiday_Florida_IMG_1748.jpg


Peacock feather details

This peacock lives down the street from me here in Tampa.  There are actually several of them.  People in the in the neighborhood say the peacocks have lived there for years.  Unfortunately, it seems as though they haven't been around much lately.  I'm not sure if they migrate.  I was thinking of the peacocks and wondering when they might come back.  Hopefully soon.  Here's a shot from my 2012 archives. Peacock_Feather_Details_From_A_Wild_Bird_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_7265.jpg