Lowry Park Zoo

White Tiger sleeps

A beautiful White Tiger sleeps!  I have been inspired after recently reading David duChemin's "Vision & Voice," which I highly recommend for anyone interested in photography.  The book has encouraged me to try different post processing techniques and to find my vision for the pictures I make.  I think I accomplished that well with this White Tiger picture! Beautiful_White_Tiger_Sleeps_IMG_1903.jpg



The camera loves me

OK, so what do you call the pose that models sometimes strike when they touch their faces with their fingers?  I'm not sure if that look is supposed to be thought provoking, or pensive, or maybe even seductive.  But I asked this orangutan to try that pose during our recent model shoot at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, and she pulled it off beautifully!  :)   In case you missed the other posts of this shoot with her, here they are: pouty lips and shy side. Orangutan_Poses_For_A_Model_Shoot_At_Lowry_Park_Zoo_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_2117.jpg

$5 day at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

I captured this Bald Eagle shot today at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, which had cut its admission price to $5, a discount it runs a few times a year.  I went once last year on a $5 day and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would take advantage again.  I am pretty happy with some of the photographs I made, despite the big crowds of people around me.  I will share my favorite shots in the coming days. To get this series started, here's a Bald Eagle coming right at me during the birds of prey show:


Open wide!

This Philippine Crocodile looked very menacing on this particular afternoon at the zoo.  I really liked the detail, coloring and texture of his hide, and his open jaws, so I wanted to share this picture with you.  His coloring is much different than the dark American Alligators I'm used to seeing here in Florida.  And what are those black spots in his mouth? They almost look like mold. Nasty!


Lurking ...

I caught this alligator lurking behind a tree and some grass.  If you look closely you can see his teeth.  It almost appears as though he's smiling, waiting for something to stumble across his path.  Or maybe he's just happy, enjoying the afternoon sun.  Hard to tell which.  Let me know, what do you believe he was thinking?  Fortunately, he was at the Lowry Park Zoo and I was in no danger.  :)


Cat nap

This young Clouded Leopard napped high on top of rocks in its shelter at the zoo.  This gorgeous creature is an endangered species.  It's sad to think so many beautiful animals are close to being wiped out (and so many more are already extinct). I had a hard time taking shots for various reasons.  The light was very dim, forcing me to use ISO 800 while I handheld the shot.  Using f2.8 I was almost able to make the bars of the cage surrounding the enclosure disappear.  If you look closely though (especially by his hind legs) you can see some blurriness and slight discoloration.  Still, I am happy with this shot!


Beautiful parrot

This is the parrot who surprised the family in my post earlier today.  This beautiful bird had just swooped by unsuspecting people moments earlier before taking his perch above the crowd at the zoo.  I  captured this shot as he arched his tail and spread his wings for a brief moment.  Regardless of whether it's an animal or a person, when your subject strikes the right pose that makes for much more visually interesting photographs.  The key is patience, preparation, a little luck and a quick finger on your shutter button!

Watch out below!

This turned out to be the only candid shot I took during my recent visit to the Lowry Park Zoo.  It's the perfect example of why I absolutely love candids.  Capturing a small moment in time can result in a very special memory.  This particular family was just enjoying the day when suddenly a parrot flew low overhead, catching the people off guard.  I was fortunate enough to capture their different facial expressions and surprised reactions.  Let me know what you think!

Something fishy

I have no idea what type of exotic fish this is, but it looked interesting!  I liked the colors. And also the little green things around its mouth that sure seem like small leaves from a tree.  Those are probably used to attract smaller fish to their demise.  I know, I know... not a very scientific description.  :)  This is another picture I took at the Lowry Park Zoo recently. I hope you are enjoying these shots!  Thank you for all the feedback you've been sharing!