Adorable chubby baby girl

Baby Aubrey was so adorable throughout the family portrait shoot.  She was such a good baby, and look at those cute chubby cheeks and legs!  What a beautiful smile as well, complete with dimples!  What makes this portrait even better is that you can easily see how much mom loves her baby girl. Tampa_Portrait_Photographer_Family_IMG_20131126_126

Sunrise over Tampa Bay

There's a reason why I photograph more sunsets than sunrises -- I'm not a morning person!  But today I ventured out of my comfort zone and drove to a fishing pier in the Tampa Bay area to shoot what I hoped would be a beautiful scene.  I was a little nervous about whether Mother Nature would cooperate.  Fortunately, I was rewarded, and my 5:15 am alarm time turned out to be well worth it. Beautiful_Sunrise_Over_Tampa_Bay_Florida_IMG_20130825_43.jpg