Stormy skies over Dunedin, Florida

Sometimes black and white photographs elicit just the right feelings for a scene.  I generally prefer color shots, but here's a black and white conversion that I like because of the dramatic stormy skies overhead as the sun sets in Dunedin, Florida.  The grain gives it a bit of a classic feel as well. Sunset_On_Pier_Pilings_In_Dunedin_Florida_IMG_20130923_28-Edit.jpg

Another sunrise over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

I've been wanting to shoot a sunrise at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from this vantage point.  I wasn't expecting a band of dramatic clouds high overhead, but I'm very happy they were there.  Typically I like long exposures to smooth out the surface of the water.  Here I used a fast shutter speed to capture the birds flying in the shot and retain more of the fine detail in the clouds. Sunrise_On_Sunshine_Skyway_Bridge_Over_Tampa_Bay_Florida_IMG_20130919_82.jpg

Tampa Bay Lightning

Summer in Tampa means lightning -- lots of it.  Here's one of the better shots I have made so far this lightning season.  Getting good shots of the lightning has been much trickier than I had anticipated.  Often the storms that produce lightning roll past pretty quickly before I can get in position.  And other times there are just a few strikes but not enough to have success capturing them. Lightning_Strikes_And_Storm_Clouds_At_Night_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_4749.jpg