Adorable chubby baby girl

Baby Aubrey was so adorable throughout the family portrait shoot.  She was such a good baby, and look at those cute chubby cheeks and legs!  What a beautiful smile as well, complete with dimples!  What makes this portrait even better is that you can easily see how much mom loves her baby girl. Tampa_Portrait_Photographer_Family_IMG_20131126_126

Another cute baby Antonio portrait

Here's another portrait of our baby grandson Antonio, smiling last night during a brief portrait session.  Unfortunately living in Florida means that, being so far away from the rest of our family spread across the country, we don't get to see our loved ones very often.  My wife tells me she's been told I need to take more pictures of the newest baby boy in our family and share them.  Hint taken. Cute_Baby_Boy_Portrait_Sitting_On_Grass_Outdoors_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_20130810_18.jpg

Will somebody please feed me?

Puppies and dogs beg for food all the time.  This is the dolphin equivalent. This dolphin rests his head on the edge of the wall, hoping somebody will see him and feed him fish from the bucket below.  It's cute, playful and a little sad all at the same time.  I feel empathy for him, but I know he hasn't missed a meal in a long time at Sea World and isn't starving.  Quite the contrary.  More than anything this picture just makes me smile and feel happy.