fine art photography

Sunrise over Tampa Bay

There's a reason why I photograph more sunsets than sunrises -- I'm not a morning person!  But today I ventured out of my comfort zone and drove to a fishing pier in the Tampa Bay area to shoot what I hoped would be a beautiful scene.  I was a little nervous about whether Mother Nature would cooperate.  Fortunately, I was rewarded, and my 5:15 am alarm time turned out to be well worth it. Beautiful_Sunrise_Over_Tampa_Bay_Florida_IMG_20130825_43.jpg

White Tiger sleeps

A beautiful White Tiger sleeps!  I have been inspired after recently reading David duChemin's "Vision & Voice," which I highly recommend for anyone interested in photography.  The book has encouraged me to try different post processing techniques and to find my vision for the pictures I make.  I think I accomplished that well with this White Tiger picture! Beautiful_White_Tiger_Sleeps_IMG_1903.jpg



The beauty of flowers

Here's a second shot of the lovely Sunflowers we recently had in our home.  Let me take this opportunity to list a few reasons why beautiful fresh flowers make great models: -- They pose as long as you would like

-- There's no need to worry about hair or makeup

-- They work for free

-- Your girlfriend/wife will probably love them, so flowers double as a romantic gift as well!

Loving Sunflowers

Sunflowers are moving way up on my list of favorite flowers.  Makes sense, too.  After all, sunshine is the biggest reason my family and I left freezing cold Minnesota and came to the Sunshine State.  So just the name Sunflower is a good indicator why I'm really starting to love them.  Their golden petals are strong yet beautiful.  And they really add warmth to any setting.


Flamingo art

This is the first time I have posted a picture with selective coloring on my blog.  But I thought this shot worked pretty well because it doesn't feel so overdone (at least not to me). :) Originally, the background was full of green ferns.  The picture was fine.  But it was a little too ordinary, and I thought the background competed too much with the flamingo for the viewer's attention.  I think this end result gives the flamingo more presence, and it feels fairly artistic to me.  Fine art photography is a subjective term, but would this qualify?  I welcome any thoughts you might have!