Peacock feather details

This peacock lives down the street from me here in Tampa.  There are actually several of them.  People in the in the neighborhood say the peacocks have lived there for years.  Unfortunately, it seems as though they haven't been around much lately.  I'm not sure if they migrate.  I was thinking of the peacocks and wondering when they might come back.  Hopefully soon.  Here's a shot from my 2012 archives. Peacock_Feather_Details_From_A_Wild_Bird_In_Tampa_Florida_IMG_7265.jpg

White Peacock?!

Until two days ago, I never knew White Peacocks existed. I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about birds. But living here in Florida, I've certainly become much more intrigued because of the different and beautiful species here. I was shocked to learn that there is a White Peacock living not far from my home. I had seen the more common Indian Blue Peacock before, but never a white one. Here are some shots I took early this morning. Unfortunately the peacocks never fanned their tail feathers while I was photographing them, but I'll be sure to visit these stunning creatures again in the future.

Here are some shots of the Blue Indian Peacock.