Another sunrise over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

I've been wanting to shoot a sunrise at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from this vantage point.  I wasn't expecting a band of dramatic clouds high overhead, but I'm very happy they were there.  Typically I like long exposures to smooth out the surface of the water.  Here I used a fast shutter speed to capture the birds flying in the shot and retain more of the fine detail in the clouds. Sunrise_On_Sunshine_Skyway_Bridge_Over_Tampa_Bay_Florida_IMG_20130919_82.jpg

Sunrise over Tampa Bay

There's a reason why I photograph more sunsets than sunrises -- I'm not a morning person!  But today I ventured out of my comfort zone and drove to a fishing pier in the Tampa Bay area to shoot what I hoped would be a beautiful scene.  I was a little nervous about whether Mother Nature would cooperate.  Fortunately, I was rewarded, and my 5:15 am alarm time turned out to be well worth it. Beautiful_Sunrise_Over_Tampa_Bay_Florida_IMG_20130825_43.jpg

Good morning Little Blue Heron

Sometimes even when I try to sleep in, I can't. Yesterday morning I woke up before sunrise, again, so I decided to go to one of my favorite small lakes to see what I might be able to photograph during the early morning light. This Little Blue Heron proved to be the perfect model and not shy at all. He walked right in front of me as he hunted for breakfast at the water's shoreline. Then he perched himself on a post nearby. Here are some pictures I made.