Stormy skies over Dunedin, Florida

Sometimes black and white photographs elicit just the right feelings for a scene.  I generally prefer color shots, but here's a black and white conversion that I like because of the dramatic stormy skies overhead as the sun sets in Dunedin, Florida.  The grain gives it a bit of a classic feel as well. Sunset_On_Pier_Pilings_In_Dunedin_Florida_IMG_20130923_28-Edit.jpg

Beautiful Sunset at Sanibel Island, Florida

My wonderful Father's Day weekend included making some pictures of a stunning sunset at Sanibel Island here in Florida.  I enjoyed a fun day at the beach with my wife and son on Saturday after driving 3 hours from Tampa.  They were so nice to wait patiently as the beach grew dark and the sun dipped below the horizon.  Fortunately, the skies caught fire with gorgeous shades of orange. This was my first time using a neutral density filter to make long exposures at sunset, and I'm very happy with the result.  I wish we could have stayed for a few more sunsets, but the one night we visited there was perfect.  I'm so glad we got to go on this roadtrip to the Fort Myers and Sanibel Island area.